Sunday, 9 August 2015

No Lines colouring tutorial part 2

So here is the second part to the tutorial, again picture heavy.

Enjoy :)

Now to colouring the hair:

1. Here I start with the darkest shade using 032. This helps me to define the shape of this section of her fringe

2. Next I add definition with 030. I bring this shade further into the white space to give extra depth to her hair

3. Then I finish this section using 031. Leaving a section of white space adds highlight and gives the illusion of light bouncing from her hair. 

4. I then repeat the same process with the other side of her fringe, ensuring that I add a little extra depth where the fringe parts

5. I then use the same principle as her fringe on these loose tendrils of hair

6. Next, on to her vest. I start the area using 118

7. I then go over the area and further in using 116

8. I then blend them together using 115

9. I then took 115 and coloured her piercings in her ear, so they don't get lost when I come to work on the rest of the hair

10. Now to work on the big section of her hair. Again, starting with 032, I go over the area and start defining some of the hair and where I imagine there to be shine.

11. I work further on this using 030

12. I then finish this area using 031, all the time being careful not to blend my strokes too much so the hair looks realistic and not like one big blob of colour. I continue this with the rest of the hair until I am finished.  

13. Here is my completed coloured image. It is at this stage I would go back and add any final definition needed, any extra depth or shadows, just to finish it off. 

Now to fussy cut the image, ready for mounting onto the canvas board. For this I use a scalpel, and a pair of fine point rounded scissors. These help me go with the curves of the image and make the cut look more detailed. 

One more post and the project will be complete :)
Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did making it.

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