Sunday, 9 August 2015

No Lines Colouring Tutorial Part 1

Hi all, I am back again. This time I have a tutorial to share with you all. Last week, I created a project using crayon art and a no lines coloured digi stamp. When I shared this on social media, I was promptly asked multiple times for a tutorial on how I created the project.

Image used: Soda Pop from Saturated Canary (available here)

So, as I set to start the tutorial, I contemplated which image to use. I didn't necessarily want to create another version of the same project with the same image, so I went with the image Inked Pretty (also from Saturated Canary) instead.

This is going to be a picture heavy post, so I might break it down into smaller posts, to make it more digestable :)

All colouring was done using Spectrum Noir Pencils.

Before I start, I would just like to say that I am in no way endorsed by Saturated Canary to create this tutorial. I am just a giddy crafter who created this after being asked many times online for fun :)

1. I always start with 2 copies of my image when colouring no lines. This is because as I work on the image, it helps give me an idea of where the detail is.

2. I start with using a fineliner to define the shape of the eyes. I go over the lash line and pupil, and this gives me a starting, central point for my image. 

3. I start with my darkest of my skin tones, to create the general shape of the face, I used 100.

4. I then added shading to the face using 89.

5. I continued adding depth and dimension to the face using 008.

6. Next I used 007.

7. I completed the skin on the face using 005.After blending all my colours together it is at this stage that I go over and add any more definition if needed.

8. I then took 23, 24, & 25 to create the shape of her lips. Again I worked from the darkest shade to the lightest, going back over with the darker shades if needed.

9. After completing the face, I moved onto the neck area, following the same process as before.

10. Before completely colouring the skin, I coloured the tattoos to help make the skin easier to define and colour. Here I used 046 for the darker tones in the leaves. 

11. I then used 045 to complete the leaves.

12. I then moved onto the roses and used 026 to create the shape for the flower.

13. I then used 025 to add some colour and depth.

14. I then completed the rose using 023. I went over the general shape of the rose again with 026 to add definition and shape and help to make it identifiable as a rose.

15. Now the roses are complete, it was time to complete the rest of the skin, using 089

16. Adding more definition with 008

17. 007

18. The skin area is now complete after using 005. 

That is all for this post, but I hope you are finding it helpful :)
Any questions, please leave me a comment and I will try to answer them.

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