Sunday, 9 August 2015

No Lines colouring tutorial part 3

Final part of the tutorial, I promise!!

So onto the making of the crayon art board. 

For this, I used a 5x7 inch canvas board, an 8 pack of Crayola wax crayons, a pencil sharpener, greaseproof paper, a non stick heat resistant mat, and an iron.

1. First of all, peel the paper from your crayons and dispose of it.

2. Next, sharpen the crayons. I advise having something underneath to catch your shavings. It makes it easier to transfer them into a container for safe keeping!

3. Here is my container of shavings. It helps keep all the little bits together and makes it easier to scatter them onto a project.

I always keep these little crayon ends that I haven't quite been able to sharpen. They will come in handy for melting for other projects.
5. So I sat my canvas board on top of a non stick heat resistant mat on the ironing board. I then sprinkled the shavings from my little pots onto the board until I had the desired spread of colour.

6. At this stage, I cover the entire thing with some greaseproof paper. As you can see at this stage the colours are barely visible. 

7. Place the iron on top of the greaseproof on a low heat. It is better to do this on a low heat and it take longer. Too high a heat setting could burn your project. 

8. You will see upon taking the iron away, that the colours are more visible through the greaseproof, and have melted together.

9. Here is the effect I was left with after pulling away the greaseproof. Keep that sheet, you can always use it for another project. At this point it is advisable to leave it to cool a little before you do anything else with it, or you could affect the pattern in your wax. 

Once it has cooled enough, run a knife or something along the edges to take away any wax build up. Once you have done this, you can add glitter or anything else you feel appropriate before adding your image.

Here is my completed project. I added a layer of glitter mod podge on top of the wax and let that dry before adding my image. 

I hope you found this tutorial series helpful, any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back to you :)

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