Friday, 21 June 2013

Day 21

Day 21 Describe your perfect afternoon OR Craft something with an animal theme

My perfect afternoon would be any afternoon I could get plenty of crafting done!

It would start by having lunch, then making myself comfortable at my desk. I would probably go through my images that have been recently printed and choose one to colour. 

All this would be done with music in the background (not really too fussed as to what) I love colouring with music in the background, I find it all quite relaxing.

I would get at least one image coloured, made into projects if I'm feeling good and inspired. Either way, once finshed pictures would be taken to share in my Facebook groups and blog if necessary. 

All of this would be made even better if I share it with my best friend. Sharing crafty times with her is great as she is just learning and anything I show her is new and fascinating and I love that.

See you all tomorrow :) 

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