Saturday, 11 February 2012

Birthday Wishes, Valentines Commission and much more...

This week has been a bit of a surreal one, including two lots of snow, which sure made things interesting as I ended up out in it everyday this week (I know I must be mad!!).
Of course this week also saw my 22nd birthday. Every year, I get just as excited as a little kid would do at Christmas, but I still enjoy it just as much, just the plans etc always vary each year. During my education years, I used to have the mis-fortune of having to be in school or college on my birthday, but now I don't have that, and it does make it so much more enjoyable to know that I don't have to do anything on that day if I don't want, it's all about me!

That night my brother took me to the pub and treated me to dinner, including a very nice, very sugar filled, happy pudding :)
The delightfully sinful pudding that was yummy, right down to the last spoonful!

Of course this week also saw a new Mental Health display go up at CAMHS. Now, unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to share at this moment in time, the day the display went up was a flurry of activity, but I shall get plenty to share when I am in to finish tweaking it in a couple of weeks, to coincide with Eating Disorder Awareness Week (and of course, many thanks to the wonderful and stunning Emma Elizabeth, who did the photos with me, and gave some really strong images :) ).

And the final thing to this week, I was asked a couple of weeks ago to do some Valentines Cards to be sold for a Charity. Initially I was asked to do 20, and got them finished no problem, but then just as they got finished, I was asked to do some more, as the demand was fairly high! Of course, all panic set in, but last night, I managed to get them finished (just!) and I am pretty pleased with the results, if I do say so myself! :D

Here are a few pictures to share with you of said cards, (Apologies for the slightly bad quality, I've been finishing late night so don't always have a great light source.)

And just, one more picture to share before I go, I captured our young dog 'guarding' the doorway the other night, and I just thought that it was too cute a picture not to share!

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