Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Belated Happy New Year.....

Hi everyone! Belated Happy New Year!
I know it has been a while, but I got caught up in the festivities and had a small break for a couple of weeks before getting back to it all again.

But, saying that, I have still been doing a few bits and pieces here and there with my crafting, including making the cards for Christmas, and a Recipe Book as gift for one of my good friends (which she absolutley loved!!) and a couple of other bits (pictures to come :) ).

But, design wise, it is all go-go-go again! Last week, I attended a meeting to dicuss a Trust DVD for CAMHS, and I would like to think that I helped influence the direction in which it is going (also a boost!), and that is all ongoing. Next month, I will have another display, this time highlighting Eating Disorder Awareness Week, 20th-26th February, so I am working away on a few ideas for pieces and how to display them for that.
And then I have the other redesign project I am working on for Volunteer Action, after I was approached to help them re-design their leaflets and business cards. So plenty to keep me busy for the next couple of months!!

As I don't have any pictures to show you of any design bits at the moment, I'll share with you a few other pictures instead.

This is a piece I made using 3 blank kraft tags. I took the string from the tags and coloured it pink to co-ordinate with the hearts, which are raised from the base to add a bit of dimension. The whole piece stands with three triangles of card stuck to the back.

This is a small date book I made for my brother using some gift wrap from a greetings range he loves. It stands too.

The outside covers to the recipe book I made as a gift. Throughout the book, I added extra embellishments that fitted in with the cooking theme, including cooking implements and cookies!

This is from the walk home from the garden centre the other night. The sun was setting through the trees and it looked beautiful and I just couldn't resist! I got half a dozen similar shots too!!

And just a couple of other bits I made before Christmas.

I hope that you like all of those, I shall hopefully have more to share with you soon!!

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