Saturday, 29 June 2013

Day 29

Day 29 If you could start your crafting life all over again what would you do differently OR Craft something that has a beach theme

If I could start my crafting life again, I think I would want to discover digi stamps and promarkers early on! That way I would probably be closer to having a completed set of pens!

I would want to start blogging when I start too, blogging is where I have found a lot of inspiration, from here and other online communities. The people within them are so kind and generous in sharing their tips, ideas and inspiration, it's like being part of a global family.

I would also like to consider my storage properly from the start, so then things could hopefully stay semi organised and I would know where stuff was! (I can still hope for that!)

Craft something with a beach theme

This is another image from Krista, called Jelly Bug, coloured in sepia tones.

One more post to go, where has June gone??

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