Sunday, 23 June 2013

Day 23

Day 23 Tell us something you are struggling with OR Craft something to give to an Auntie

I guess I would say the main thing I am struggling with at the moment is properly colouring creases and drapes in clothes on my digi images. 

No matter what I try, this just seems to be the one thing I struggle with the most. I usually find that my colours bleed over the lines, and makes the image look awful, no matter how much I try and rescue the image with my blender, it usually ends up in the bin.

It is something that is becoming growingly frustrating though. Most of my favourite designers are coming out with these fabulous images that have flowing dresses and they end up just sitting in my box going un-coloured due to my struggle with them.

I think I just need to spend some more time sitting and watching tutorials on Youtube.

I might get somewhere eventually!!


  1. I know just how you feel!

  2. What sort of paper are you using? That might be the main factor in the colour bleeding.