Monday, 11 June 2012

A mini tutorial with my fave pens :)

So, I decided I would share with people how I recently coloured one of my new favourite digi stamps with my favourite pens (promarkers for those that haven't read my previous posts!)

The image in question is the Birthday Fairy by Mayzy Art (find her here) As soon as I saw this image, I just fell in love and had to colour her, as bright as possible! After all, some fairies are just meant to be bright!!

I printed this one to fit an a4 page, as I am later going to mount her to a canvas to go on the wall (but more of that later!)

So the storyboard images pretty much explain themselves, but I shall go into a little more detail including colours used for those that may want to recreate something similar :)

So, for the skin base I used Blush. I put that all over any skin areas.
I then used Sky Blue for her eyes, and a glitter pen for some sparkly shadow, with Budding Rose for her cheeks.
I used Cocoa all over for her hair and eyebrows which you can just see.
I then started adding some shading to the skin using Dusky Pink. I did this anywhere I thought would be a little darker - under her chin, where her clothes sit on her skin etc
I then went over all of the skin again with Blush, to blend in some of the shading, and then added a little more Dusky Pink in most areas.
I then added some shading to her hair using Burnt Sienna.
I then moved on from her main body, and coloured her crown and handle of her wand in Gold.
After that, I started on her wings. I used the Spring Limited Edition pens here as I wanted her wings to be softer in colour.

Colours used on the wings are Soft Peach, Budding Rose, April Shower, Daffodil Bloom and Fresh Meadow.
I coloured the star on her wand in Island Lagoon, and used Island Lagoon and Pink Lobster for the 'gems' on her crown.
Moving on to her shoes, I used Tropical Orchid. I also used this for certain details on her dress.
The rest of the dress was coloured with Island Lagoon for the main body, and Pink Lobster for the skirt.

I then went back round the shoes and dress and added shading in the relevant places, such as folds of material etc. I did this by using the same colour pen, building up the colour, instead of trying to find a close match to do the shading. I also did this on the wings.

After completing the whole image, I went around it with Warm Grey 1, to give it a finishing look of some depth.

So this is what she looks like all finished.

Now at the beginning of the post I mentioned how I was going to mount her onto a canvas. I do this by printing her onto card and colouring her. This is easier then printing onto canvas as I find Promarkers don't work very well on canvas, especially when you want detail like this image. When I have finished colouring her, I will attach her to a canvas that I have coloured, be it with paint or spray inks (any medium that works on canvas really, your choice). How I attach her depends on whether I want her flat or with a little added dimension, so I can use a craft adhesive or 3D glue dots. I can then embellish the canvas with things such as stones etc for extra bling.

I hope you found this helpful, I will hopefully be able to show you a picture of the finished canvas soon :)


  1. This is a great tutorial and a lovely job coloring her. Do you mind if I link back to this from my blog?


    1. Thank you :)
      I don't mind at all :) x

  2. I want to purchase promarkers, but I don't know where to begin. It seems there will be duplicates buying the sets. Is there a way I can get 48-72 markers without duplicating colors, other than obviously purchasing them one by one. Thanks.

    Love your tutorials. I hope to see more. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I would recommend going for a couple of small sets to start you off, one maybe being the skin tones 5 set, and maybe a couple of others just to give you a base to start with, either that or the three sets that are colour grouped with the skin tones would be a good way to start. After that you can maybe find that buying some collections will add to your stash of pens with no duplicates, but as your list of pens you already have gets bigger, the likelihood of being able to buy them in kits becomes very small. But I would just shop around, look on Letrasets website to see what they offer and take it from that :)

      I'm glad you like the tutorial, I just wanted to share :) x