Sunday, 1 June 2014

Day 1 - Blogging every day in June

Hi all, some of you might remember this time last year, I took part in a daily blog challenge for the month of June set up by Kairen over at Karoove, and this year it is being done again, so I thought it might be fun to once again join in :)

So today's first prompt is: 

What does crafting mean to you OR Craft something that has an age theme

For me crafting means many things, and they can usually change over the times.

Crafting means looking at everyday objects in different ways, seeing how I can decorate it and make it look even better then it did before. It means I have a lot of things stashed away in various places so I can upcycle them (thing is I usually forget about them!)

Crafting means being able to sit and colour at 24 with my pens and pencils and having a valid reason for doing it. 

Crafting means being surrounded by wonderful colour. Colour that is usually on my fingers, and if I'm working with glitter, all over my face too!

Crafting means making so many new friends, mainly online, that I can share my hobby with. Friends that regularly inspire me in so many different ways, and sometimes challenge me to try something different. They have the right words to say when I am struggling with a project or a lack of mojo. They always have great, encouraging words, tips and suggestions that they are so willing to share. I usually find myself wishing they were a lot closer so we could spend more time together and share tips and encouragement face to face.

Crafting means happiness, a way of escape from things that can be going on around me. It means being able to share the projects that I have fallen in love with (and some I'm not too keen on) with others. It means being able to give another person a little piece of joy, knowing that whatever I have given them was made purposefully with them in mind.

Crafting means all these things to me, and so much more. 


  1. Lovely to meet you Laura, I found you through Karoove craft/blog every day in June! I loved reading what Craft means to you and getting to know you that little bit better. Thanks for sharing Hugs Kelly xxx p.s. I am also doing the challenge as well.. x

  2. Loved reading your crafting means to you. Especially the colouring at 24 and getting away with it. At 43 in still getting away with it. ...just lol

  3. Hi Laura! I really liked your post for the first day of the challenge! Look forward to reading your posts throughout the month! I'll be doing the challenge alongside you guys also =)

    Mel x

  4. Great post Laura, love colouring too.....just started having a go with pencils, can't quite get to grips with them so will stick to my Copics for now lol!
    hugs Jo x