Thursday, 6 June 2013

Day 6

So day 6 - Tell us how/where you get your inspiration OR Craft something with an autumn theme

Well, I get my inspiration from a few places. Blog land being one of them. I get a couple of craft magazines regularly as well, so that is another source of inspiration for me, especially the ever growing pile I have of them stashed under my desk! One of the other places I go to is Youtube, and mainly watch the videos from the Saturated Canary design team, and Kimberly Brown's tutorials. They have come in especially handy! 

The main place I get most of my inspiration from though is from the many groups I am part of on Facebook. From Digi Galore, to Promarker Paradise, to the lovely (albeit slightly bonkers!) ladies at Simply Betty, these are the places I get most of my inspiration from! 

From new layout ideas for cards, to new colour combinations, or new ways of colouring an image, I feel most inspired when I go onto those groups each day. It also helps that everyone that is in the groups are all lovely, kind people who don't mind helping each other out and sharing tips and ideas. I know a fair few projects I've done have been inspired by things I've come across somewhere online!  

See you tomorrow :)


  1. Ohh I must have passed you in the facbook groups as I am on those too

  2. I think I really must try harder to get on with Facebook.....seems there is lots going on xx

  3. I never knew there were that many craft groups on facebook! Good to know!