Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Day 4

Hi all, so Day 4. Today's prompt is: What is your craft/s? What is it about this craft/s that floats your boat? OR Craft something with a flower theme.

Well I'm not one for flowers, so what floats my boat it is!!
I am mainly a card maker, using Digi Stamps as my central focus for the majority of my cards. 

I do use my digi stamps to create other projects, like canvases and wall hangers, but majority of the time they make it onto cards of some form.

Digi stamps float my boat so much because of the versatility of them. I love how I can print one image half a dozen times (which I regularly do!) and colour each one with a different colour scheme, and each image will look completely different. 

I enjoy colouring most of the time as it can be quite relaxing, and paired with music in the background, I can lose hours colouring various images. I sometimes colour an image with a specific card or project in mind, other times I colour just for the sheer fun of it. I have a pile of images that have been coloured and are waiting to be put onto projects, but I do go through that pile every once in a while and feel productive when I complete 5 cards in an afternoon! Nobody needs to know I didn't colour the images at the same time! 

The other thing I have really come to find I enjoy (as I imagine many other crafters do to!) is sharing my creations, be it just the coloured image, or a completed project, with the groups I am part of on Facebook. I know that the lovely people in those groups will always have lovely things to say, a great boost when I don't necessarily feel great about a creation! I have met some great people through these groups and love sharing inspiration and ideas with them. It's even better when the artists of the images I colour tell me what they think, the best kind of feedback in my opinion!

Well that's enough rambling from me today, see you tomorrow :)


  1. Another digi stamp lover! They are great as they don't take up any space and you can size them to fit any project. I still buy stamps, but prefer digis nowadays. X

  2. I love colouring too. My kids say that my promarkers are colouring in for grown ups lol

  3. Oh yes, colouring and music is a great combo....especially loud heavy rock music! Great post.