Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Day 26

Day 26 What do you wish you were good at OR Craft something with a spring theme

Hmm this is another interesting one....

I suppose to an extent I have the feeling that I wish I could colour better with my promarkers. I feel quite confident in my skills with them, but still I find myself wishing sometimes that I could colour better. I see some amazing pieces of art that people have done using their pens, and sometimes jealousy rears it's ugly head. I think to an extent I am always going to have this in one way or another, I can sometimes be too critical of myself.

Another thing I wish I was better at would be keeping my area more organised. I have periods where I organise and tidy it all up, and then it slowly gets messier as I go along until I have a small space to work in, and then the cycle starts over. Mind you sometimes the sorting can be delayed as I usually find things I forgot about and that can usually stop the organisation in it's tracks!

I also wish I was better at using some of the stash that sits in my cupboard! I am terrible for going shopping and coming home with more stash, and the old stuff sits in the cupboard. When I have a sort through I usually come across things I forgot I even had, it's terrible!

I suppose the last thing I wish I was good at, is taking compliments, in any situation, be it about myself or my crafts.
As I mentioned above, I can be highly critical of myself and my work, and can struggle to see what people are talking about. I know that it is something that can really annoy my other half, as he can't quite understand why I am so critical...a few things to work on I suppose.

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