Sunday, 16 June 2013

Day 16

Day 16 When you're not crafting what do you do OR Craft something that celebrates marriage

I can't really answer this one too much, most of the time I am crafting! But I can sometimes be found with my nose in a book, I usually lose a few days until I finish the book. I get so engrossed in the story, I like to finish it!

I also do some design work, a lot of which can be found in earlier posts on my blog. I have done a lot on raising awareness of key issues like Disability and Mental Health due to personal experiences.

I also like to keep up with a few tv shows including Glee, Hawaii Five-O, Hart of Dixie and of course Eastenders (the only soap I watch, though sometimes being on social networks, it can be just like a soap!)

I have also raided the archives and found an anniversary card I made my grandparents a few years ago

Of course once again using the old favourite Forever Friends

Now I must dash, as I've been typing my face mask has been drying and is now ready to come off!! See you tomorrow! 


  1. Lovely card again. You last sentenceon the facemask made me think I should go and do one - so see you later! x

  2. Lovely card. Forever friends one of my favourites too