Friday, 14 June 2013

Day 14

Day 14 Name your favourite smell, taste, view, sound and texture OR Craft something that has a music theme

Hmm the five senses...Let's see....

  • Smell - Between 2 - The smell of my Mum's cooking/baking and our dogs when they have just had a bath, something about it that just smells so nice :)
  • Taste - Most likely something Mum has made, I love Mum's cooking <3 font="">
  • View - Fresh snow - the inner child in me sees it as a blank canvas for my footprints all over it!!
  • Sound - Child's laughter - something so dirty yet so innocent about it
  • Texture - I don;t really have a favourite texture, but I don't like anything slimy, that just feels wrong!
Pretty much half way through already, the month is going so quick!


  1. Nice selection of favorites on your list too. It has been fun to read everyones blogs to see how many are the same - or not. x

  2. ohh fresh snow. I am a big kid in the winter and on snow watch from the start of autumn but only like the fresh snow not when it's all stood in and dirty