Monday, 10 June 2013

Day 10

Day 10 Have a rant. Go on, get it off your chest OR Craft something that has the colour purple in it

Hmm have a rant....the main thing that really annoys me is how rude people can be! I am generally a polite person, I hold doors open for people, let them past in supermarkets etc, it doesn't take 30 seconds to say thanks! I always thank somebody if they let me past or hold open the door for me. The worst thing about it though, is that the older generation are usually the rudest! And then they have the nerve to moan about the youth of today!!

The other thing that really annoys me is how people look at me and judge me. They judge me before they even meet me, but sometimes I just wish people would look at themselves in the mirror before they start looking at me and judging. So I have a nose ring, wear glasses, I dye my hair, wear bright bold colours, and I might be bigger then some, but try looking at yourself before looking at me and judging!

Ok rant over, now time to pick up the post and share crafty prettiness :)

This was made using Shy Fairy from Redonkadoodles. I love Sheryl's images, and have been a fan for over a year, when I won my first image in a blog contest she was doing. I know have about 10 images and there is more on my wish list!

I blew this version up to A4, so she would fit on the box, which was already purple, I just added a coat of glitter paint. She was of course coloured with promarkers and fussy cut and then stuck onto the box. She now sits pride of place on top of one of my units.

Promarkers Used:
Blush, Coral, Sunkissed Pink, Pale Pink, Rose Pink, Wild Cranberry, Pink Lobster, Aubergine, Plum, Spring Lilac, Orchid, Pink Mittens, Carmine, Blender

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  1. I know what you mean. I spend a lot of my time thanking myself because the person I just opened the door to just walked off without saying thank you, so I say thank you to myself and often rather loudly lol